I know this says Broadway edition but tbh these are some of my biggest regrets ever. I talk about them whenever people ask me about my regrets in life. HERE THEY ARE:
  1. Not seeing A Fish In The Dark with Larry David
    Why would I want to see any other actors WHY WHY WHY
  2. Not seeing Spring Awaking in its first run.
    I have still never seen any run actually. Is there any point, I ask you?
  3. Not seeing Death of a Salesman with Philly Seymour Hoffman
    Come on
  4. Not buying Hamilton tickets months ago for a December performance
    WHYYYYYYY whyyyyyy WHYYYYYY didn't I buy them WHYY now they're sold out until January. Who wants to go to NY in January? Also I CANT go to NY in January, the holidays are over and I'll be back in LA
  5. Aaron Sorkin and Hugh Jackman dropping out of the much anticipated, never going to happen, Houdini Musical.
    I have no control over this but maybe if I did, things would have been different.
  6. Because of this I am buying Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets as SOON as they go on sale for the west end because I will regret it until the day I die if I don't.