Pretty blessed to be going to Couchella both weekends in a row! Here's what I'm gonna try to fit in!
  1. Friday
  2. after-work social media creeping
  3. forget to pick up groceries for dinner and order a Reuben from Sage Bistro via DoorDash
  4. binge watch some of The OC on Hulu
  5. Saturday
  6. sleep in until like 8:45
  7. wake up and then go back to bed until like 10:15
  8. only decide to get out of bed when I'm hungry
  9. call my grandmother
  10. think about going to the store to get ginger ale but ultimately decide against it
  11. drink green tea at like 6pm and panic that the caffeine will keep me up but then remember that it's Saturday
  12. eat an entire bag of jalapeño chips
  13. catch up on Jane the Virgin
  14. do some online shopping. decide I can't afford it. buy it anyway.
  15. decide at 9:45 pm that tonight is the night I perfect my liquid line and then actually perfect it but stay home for the night and then regret that I did it bc now I have to wash it off
  16. Sunday
  17. wake up at like 8 am against my wishes bc I won't want to mess up my sleep schedule for the week
  18. read some of The Nighingale
  19. binge watch a few eps of Happy Endings
  20. take a nap at like 4 pm and mess up my sleep schedule for the week
  21. look up ambitious recipes to make for the week ahead but then just decide to do like a stirfry or something
  22. convince myself I don't need to do laundry
  23. do a face mask
  24. also do a lip mask