1. Tuesday, 8:16 am
    Everyone did their shopping for the week already or their morning is too busy.
  2. Thursday, 9:34 pm
    Ample parking, probably no kids pushing child-sized carts.
  3. Wednesday, 2:47 pm
    They're probably restocking but lunch is over and few people are getting out of work at this time or doing grocery shopping mid-week.
  4. Saturday, 12:06 pm
    Busy but you're not in a huge rush and it's probably fully stocked. There's probably a parent off and at home so the other parent can go shopping without the kids.
  5. Friday, 10:23 am
    Maybe not super packed but there's probably a lot of restocking going on for the weekend and also nannies or stay at home moms bringing some little kids in and allowing them to run around or push their own cart.
  6. Monday, 5:47 pm
    Lots of people who didn't feel like shopping on the weekend, lots of restocking getting done from the weekend.
  7. Sunday, 6:32 pm
    may as well end things now