1. Dick van Dyke
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  2. Dick Clark
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  3. Jon Hamm's 🍆
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    This would be higher on the list except that I'm positive it would rip me in half.
  4. Dick's Sporting Goods
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    This was my go-to athletic store in my prime sporting days because fuck Modell's, their aesthetic sucks!
  5. Moby Dick
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    TBH never read this but Matilda loved it and it's a classic.
  6. My ex-boyfriend's 🍆
    I'm over it. But solid dick! #lol
  7. Dick's Last Resort
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    Not really my thing but fun idea I suppose.
  8. Dick Whitman
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    Love me some Don Draper but honestly I don't want to deal with all of that shit.
  9. Spotted Dick
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    Never tried this, never will, but can't be worse than the next two.
  10. Dick Pics
  11. Dick Cheney
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