1. Bloodline
    A severely underrated Netflix show. Screw Narcos and House of Cards. Give me Kyle Chandler or give me death.
  2. Jane the Virgin
    You're so cool! You saw promos for the show when it first started and thought, "you could never get pregnant that way!" WOW! CONGRATS! YOU'RE RIGHT! THAT'S THE POINT! Gina Rodriquez is a GD national treasure, get out of my face.
  3. Mr. Robot
    Hmm guess I have to marry Rami Malek now.
  4. Scream Queens
    Everyone knows this show is ridiculous but it's fun and campy and honestly I'm not sure what I was living for before Emma Roberts and KeKe Palmer strolled TF in and took reign.
  5. Catastrophe
    Watch it god damnit WATCH IT.
  6. You're the Worst
    At first I was like "hmmm idk about this" based off promos etc but I've never been happier to be proven wrong.
  7. Casual
    Honestly not sure what anyone who doesn't own Hulu watches these days.