Philly is the best food city in the world, it's a fact. Here are some of my favorite restaurants. Don't fuck with those Stephen Starr and Jose Garces places, that shit's for newbs. We don't talk about Marc Vetri since he sold out to Urban.
  1. Vedge
    This is not only the best restaurant in Philly but maybe the best restaurant in the world. It's plant-based. My dad has a freezer full of meat that he's hunted himself and even he loves this place. Make a reservation or sit at the bar. The chef, Rich Landau, is a genius.
  2. Zahav
    Israeli food. Michael Solomonov is a god. Buy his cookbook if you can't get to Philly but maybe just go to Philly, FFS.
  3. HipCityVeg
    Trick your parents or a carnivore into eating this, no problem. Go with the crispy hipcity ranch sandwich. I always regret not getting a milkshake.
  4. Cafe Lift
    Brunch every day, all day. BYO champagne if you want mimosas. If you're going savory get the huevos rancheros, if you're going sweet get the cannoli stuffed French toast.
  5. Cantina Dos Segundos
    I will be honest. I don't know why everyone thinks LA is THE best for Mexican food. I don't know why they think other cities aren't capable of pulling this off. There's a good chance if I meet someone who is from or has spent time in Philly (and we're currently not in Philly), this place will come up and we'll both rave about their margaritas. FYI this is pretty much the exact same menu as Cantina Los Caballitos so either restaurant works.
  6. Memphis Taproom
    Cozy little Kensington bar that tourists won't visit because of the location. Good beer selection. Lots of solid options for any dietary restriction. Always get the soup of the day.
  7. Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse
    No tourists. Go on Mondays for dinner cause they got an all you can eat buffet. You're fucking welcome.
  8. Stock's Bakery
    This is a Philadelphia staple. Get the pound cake. May need to call ahead.
  9. Gaeta's Italian Bakery
    No tourists. They don't have a big menu. It's really just about the tomato pie.
  10. Dizengoff
    Michael Solomonov does it again except this time it's just hummus. This rivals the best in Israel says a lot of people who've actually been to Israel. At the very least, you ain't getting better hummus stateside. Very small and popular so plan ahead.
  11. Federal Donuts
    Michael Solomonov hat trick. I swear I'm not sleeping with him. This is just donuts, coffee, and fried chicken. Listen. I know you're gonna be tempted to get one of those fancy donuts but don't do it. Get one of the hot fresh donuts sprinkled with flavored sugar. It's a sleeper pick but you won't be sorry. I have no comment on the chicken but I imagine it's 100. They sell out so get there early.
  12. Capogiro
    This is the best gelato in the world, according to me and National Geographic.
  13. Sabrina's Cafe
    South Philly staple. Definitely crowded but breakfast and brunch all damn day.
  14. Loco Pez
    Packed. They do dollar taco nights which they announce last minute on Twitter. Put your name in and then go to Cedar Point across the street for drinks while you wait.
  15. Royal Tavern
    Best vegan cheesesteak in Philly which means best vegan cheesesteak in the world. Everyone will find multiple awesome things on this menu regardless of dietary restrictions.