1. Having a wedding so expensive that you can't afford to go on a honeymoon is a sure fire way to guarantee divorce.
    You're prioritizing what other people think over your relationship. Lmao.
  2. Knowing about your proposal beforehand is bullshit and no one should have to pretend to care when you tell them about it
    The amount of people that have all the details about their own proposal is absurd. I'm not talking having a hunch or discussing marriage before you're engaged. I'm talking details.
  3. Adults get plus ones. Them's the rules.
  4. It's not a honeymoon if it happens more than 6 months after the wedding. It's a vacation.
  5. If you gave your significant other an ultimatum regarding marriage, end it immediately.
  6. Going into debt for a wedding is laughable. You should be embarrassed.