How to Tell if a Celebrity Relationship Is Fake

One of my many marketable skills is being able to detect which celeb relationships are real and which are fake. Here are some pro tips on detecting publicity driven relationships from the real deal.
  1. "Look!! I call him by his real name!!!!"
  2. "We could have exchanged literally anything but we choose this locket because it SCREAMS true love!! I'll even make sure to be seen wearing it a few days later!"
  3. "He's not in this video but we need everyone to know that we came here together!!"
  4. "I don't want to actually spend Christmas with my fake boyfriend but I promise to post a holiday inspired insta of him with my family a few days before!!"
  5. "We came to this beach without anyone else and just so happened to get lucky that the tourists walking by knew how to frame well!!!"
  6. "Happy birthday to my public BFF!!!! Here's a pic of you and my BF bc even tho there are literally thousands of pics of us together sans him, my publicist told me I hadn't posted about him recently enough!! Plus it looks good if he's seen hanging with my friends!!!"
  7. "Who can we get that puts me above J and Bey???"
  8. "Can we negotiate no major holidays together? My annual 4th bash in Rhode Island is as far as it goes."
  9. "I don't want him accompanying me to the Grammys bc we've had enough exposure at other awards shows and I want to have fun so like maybe we can say he's in the studio that night??"
  10. "You just need to remind everyone that even though you weren't her date, you are still dating bc otherwise it looks like there's been a rift."
  11. "Hey Taylor! Looks like you haven't insta'd about Calvin in awhile! I'm just gonna upload a pic to your account and give him photo credit!!"