We've all been there. Here's tonight's accidental Target haul.
  1. a Shea Moisture Lip Crayon
    C6279ac0 9b19 4c26 b075 b69b78c13ef1
  2. Acure night cream
    B00a1dbb a10f 4d81 8bb5 98e07dd00413
  3. a candy bar
    63453cf8 23b4 493a 9764 d72d6361d724
  4. four que bella face masks
    6a1557ec a394 4da7 8087 797a52235e25
  5. a cute gift bag
    29d41bc6 9f47 4f09 8441 b7dd0ea446d7
  6. pixi by petra Glow Mist
    82ccc3e0 bb5d 4acc a00c 6f5d2b191b94
  7. this totally unnecessary but very on brand gold hashtag that was $3
    81985a22 ae83 4791 a7b1 97c11a0524b6
  8. and no mouthwash.