Getting a boner just thinking about it.
  1. Your bed. 3:37 am. You have to wake up in a few hours and you know you're gonna be exhausted but you just don't care because the book is so good and you need to see what happens.
  2. A train. Regional rail, or something where you won't have to be paying attention to the stops for fear you'll miss yours. Maybe you have the seat to yourself or maybe you're sharing but you're on the quiet car and you don't care about anyone or anything else. You lean against the window and you can feel the cold air coming through but you're cozy.
  3. A cozy, northeastern cabin. Winter. Your family or friends are there but maybe they went sledding or are taking naps. You're by the fire and you're sipping hot chocolate or bourbon and there's 20 inches of snow outside. Your pajamas are flannel.
  4. A quaint bookstore. You find a book you've been meaning to read for awhile or an old favorite. The store is quiet. You sit on the floor alone and start reading right there and don't look up until forty minutes later when another costumer walks down that aisle.
  5. Your house or your significant others house. The two of you sit on a comfy couch. It's Friday night. You decided not to go to that party. Your legs intertwine but you're both consumed in your own novels.
  6. A hammock or lounge chair. One of the first beautiful/warm days of spring. The sun is hitting you just right and you can hear birds chipping or lawn mowers or children laughing and you read a good sixty pages or so before you accidentally doze off.