1. A Jewish boyfriend for international travel over Xmas
    will settle for a platonic friend
  2. Must be 100% cool with missing Christmas with your family.
    no weirdos that have to be at Christmas dinner sorry I have no time for you. Like you're an adult do you really need to be there to open gift cards?
  3. Must like spicy food
    We're going to Thailand and I have zero time for picky eaters bye fuck off
  4. Must be able to get yourself from point a to point b in a non English speaking country.
    I am more than capable of getting us around but you gotta carry some weight no idiots no people who don't know how to work public transit no people who are anxious about dumb shit like figuring out airport terminals
  5. Must be in decent physical shape
    Look were going to Thailand so we're doing some athletic shit like hikes or water sports or whatever
  6. Must be available Dec 18 ish to Jan 1 ish non negotiable