I appreciate that you're thinking about me but do better!!! Sorry I'm such a bitch!!!
  1. Screenshots of tumblr posts of funny, political, or Chrissy Teigen tweets
    Guaranteed I saw that gd tweet on actual twitter a gd week ago. What part of my brand screams "Lauren needs to see this thing Chrissy tweeted a week ago bc I doubt she's seen it!" Have we met? I am twitter.
  2. Trump News
    I already know about it. I knew about it yesterday when it broke. We've moved on to something more recent and more fucked up. Keep up!!
  3. Movie Previews That Just Dropped
    Hello middle America and friends that don't work in the biz. I realize you're just learning about a movie adaptation from a beloved book or Ryan Gosling's latest project when the preview comes out but trust me I've probably know about the project for actual entire years. No but like I've literally know about it for years.