Who are Lorelei and Rory without their quick, witty banter and their pop culture references? No one. Here are things that have happened since the 2007 series finale that I'm hoping to hear Lorelai and Rory slip in. Bonus points if it gets an "oh, honestly Lorelai" from one Emily Gilmore.
  1. Tinder
    It's been a few years since the passing of Richard. Emily misses him but is lonely because Rory is older and Lorelai has Luke. Lorelai tells her it's okay to date. Rory is not cool with this. Lorelei jokingly brings up tinder as an option at a Friday night dinner. "Oh honestly, Lorelai."
  2. The Goldfinch
    Rory read this ironically because of its mainstream popularity. Lorelai makes fun of women who loved it even though she never read it herself.
  3. BBM
    Luke finally has a cell phone for emergencies and work but it's a blackberry from 2009. Rory's always like "I'll BBM you!" As a joke when she leaves the diner but he still doesn't know what that means. This pisses him off.
  4. Pizza Rat
    Lorelaibrings this up at Friday dinner. In the absence of Richard, they do these dinners at Lorelai's occasionally and she of course orders take out. She always asks Joe the pizza guy for an extra rat. "Oh honestly, Lorelai."
  5. Harry Styles
    They for sure hate Harry Styles but Lorelai agrees with the James Dean comparison and is kind of into it.
  6. GMOs
    "Please don't mention GMOs in front of Jackson! The last time they came up he brought his rutabaga seeds to bed with him for a week!" - Sookie to L & R
  7. Hillary Clinton
    A tired joke about her pant suits because two-thirds into the revival, Emily is going to give dating a try with a man she met at the club so she bought a new outfit.
  8. Gluten-Free
    Lorelai now requests gluten free burgers and donuts at Luke's because she knows it'll piss him off. It's the new, "no cell phones!"