1. Can be eaten hot or cold
    Straight out of the oven or straight out of the fridge, IDGAF just give me pie.
  2. Can be sweet or savory
    You can't have savory cake or cookies or brownies
  3. Can be eaten as a meal
    You can't eat cookies or cake as a meal without judgement but you can sure as fuck eat pie as a meal.
  4. You're probably not gonna binge eat the entire thing in one day
    I'm sure I could but I don't. That thing is in the fridge for at least three days. Brownies or cookies? Two days TOPS.
  5. Gets better with age.
    Four day old brownies? No thanks. Four day old pie? FUCK YEAH.
  6. Endless possibilities
    Literally anything can be made into a pie. Has anyone invented a chicken/chickpea tikka masala pie yet? SEE THAT SOUNDS FUCKING AWESOME. (Need an excuse to make this now)