Do you need a development or writer's room assistant?! Hi.
  1. Not A Moron
    My GPA was a 3.4, my alma mater, Temple University, was just listed in the Princeton Review as one of the top colleges, and I went there for Film, and it's one of the best film programs. Also I'm really well read and I know which celebs are really dating and which ones are for publicity.
  2. Good Taste in TV
    Some favorites include Breaking Bad, Veep, Broad City, Gilmore Girls, GIRLS, Parks & Rec, Mad Men, Inside Amy Schumer, Jane The Virgin, True Detective season 1, The Office, Bloodline, 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny, whatever the whole office is chatting about, How I Met Your Mother but not the final season, 1 and 1/13th seasons of House of Cards, etc.
  3. Can Bake Better Than Your Grandmother
    Seriously, I can bake anything you want exactly the way you want it, better than your mom or grandmother, and I love baking but hate eating baked goods so I'm always shoving stuff at people. You want Momofuku's Crack Pie but we're not in NY? Or a pumpkin pie pop tart in June? I got you.
  4. Skills
    Yeah, hi, sorry I haven't worked at WME but I still know how to roll calls and book travel. Once again, not a moron. Also I type like 90 WPM and I know how to Google.
  5. Single, no children, no pets.
    I don't have a boyfriend or children or pets so, yes, I can stay tonight until 11 PM. And tomorrow night.
  6. Endless Harry Potter References
    What else did you expectO PATRONUM
  7. Chill Around Celebs
    One time I drunkenly approached Benicio del Toro and it wasn't my worst moment.
  8. Really Nice
    Everyone thinks I am really nice except those that follow me on Twitter.