Including but not limited to...
  1. Thailand
    We'll travel around for a month or two, eating all the foods and sunbathing on all the beaches. We'll buy something like an elephant statue you just HAD to have that made me roll my eyes. We'll keep it in the study and decades later our grandkids will be like, "papa, what's that" as you're reading them Harry Potter and we'll lock eyes from across the room as we recall the events that transpired in a beachside cabana the night you haggled over that damn elephant statue.
  2. Vedge
    We'll order everything on the menu and you'll shell out a couple hundred and then Rich Landeau will send out something he just whipped up on the house. We'll get wine drunk and stumble to the top of the Loews Hotel and get kicked out for making out too hard in the elevator.
  3. Casablanca
    Maybe after we've already been to Paris together so I can say, "we'll always have Paris" every chance I get and you'll laugh every time like it's the first time. Our guides name will end up being Sam and he'll tell us about his kids or a business he's starting. Every few years we'll connect with him via email and he'll tell us about how happy his kids are or how successful his business is and then we'll run into him decades later in NY and we'll all cry.
  4. Shakespeare & Company Bookshop
    I'll probably take you here. You'll be super impressed by it but pretend to be chill. I'll buy like three 1st edition British Harry Potter books and you'll be like, "babe, isn't that enough?" Years later we'll return and you'll propose and I'll sob and pretend to be surprised and be like, "how did you know?" But I knew you knew.
  5. Salem, MA
    Take me here close to Halloween and humor me whenever I say I saw someone with the devil. We'll eat apple cider donuts or whatever fall dessert is in and you'll pretend to be annoyed by all the tourists but really you aren't because the air smells like cinnamon and my hair looks like gold.
  6. Atlantis Paradise Island
    Just let me have this ONE Mary Kate and Ashley moment and then I'm done. You can roll your eyes and say, "babe..." in an annoyed manner as much as you want.
  7. Prague
    I don't have a reason or a scenario, just take me here.