I miss North Philly so much it hurts!!!! Idk if anyone on here has even stepped foot in North Philly but here are some things I truly miss about it!!!
  1. The local Chinese restaurants throwing raw meet out on the sidewalk for unknown reasons EVERY MORNING.
  2. Ordering 20 pizza rolls at 3:30 am.
  3. Buying a 40 oz marked up hurricane, taking a few gulps, and then topping off with orange juice AKA a Brass Monkey.
  4. Riding your bike to class and getting hit by a car.
  5. Getting out of class at 9:30pm, realizing you have to walk back 10 blocks to your apartment alone because your friend or roommate is in the tech center all night, pretending you're going to take the shuttle bus and then saying "fuck it" while walking back to your apartment with mace in hand.
  6. Getting drunk and buying marked up black & milds through a bullet proof window.
  7. Six stray cats making their home base your stoop.
  8. Forgetting to take the trash to the curb before spring break and then coming back to your apartment to find that raccoons got in your trash can and have mutilated the cans and trash.
  9. One week after it snowed when there's still a few inches and the snow is black and yellow and the garbage is starting to unfreeze.
  10. Having a friend that went to Penn State or Rowan or some other suburban college visit you for a weekend and them asking if it's safe and if so why are there bars on your window?! WHY ARE THERE BARS ON YOUR WINDOW!??
  11. "It's safe, I swear! I'm right off Diamond!"
  12. Walking to class and looking up and seeing like a Rolls Royce or some shit and then realizing that's Bill Cosby.
  13. Turning all the lights off in your apartment on Halloween and ignoring the door bells and knocks.
  14. Going out in Old City or Center City and getting into a cab to go home and saying "17th and Diamond" and the cabbie refusing to take you there and then having to do this like three more times until a cab will take you.