This was very hard. There's a ton of characters I love unconditionally, a few I could take or leave, and a couple I loathe. All hail the men of Dillon Texas.
  1. Tim Riggins
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    You don't really need any more reasons other than looks, but just in case: he went to jail for his brother, he will literally help anyone that needs help, and he's extremely self-aware. Plus, I mean, that bod.
  2. Coach Eric Taylor
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    Coach is a dad to everyone. He can make a lazy load into an achiever. He's a good husband, a great dad, and a world class coach. He makes the best angry and annoyed faces. Please adopt or marry me, Coach.
  3. Matt Saracen
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    There's no such thing as the type of luck Julie Taylor had when she got this lucky at such a young age. He's responsible, sweet, hardworking, smart, adorable, and kind. Any faults can simply be blamed by simply being a teenager.
  4. Luke Cafferty
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    Luke has zero faults. He's hot AF, he's an extremely hard worker, and he's sweet as pie. Not many guys his age would have been as sweet and understanding when getting a girl that he barely even knew pregnant, and then continued to pursue her after the abortion, especially with those parents of his. It breaks my heart knowing that not many schools were interested in him. He deserved better than a D3 in Arkansas. Him joining the military broke my heart.
  5. Brian "Smash" Williams
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    Say what you want about Smash. Maybe he didn't always make the best decisions in life but he worked really hard and was really passionate. He deserves to go pro more than anyone in this series. Also a stud and even when he's conceited, he's lovable. I hope he ended up buying his mama a house.
  6. Vince Howard
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    I love Vince. He was dealt a bad hand in life. He's emotionally strong and capable of anything. The low ranking is the product of his arc as a self-righteous douche bag. He got too big for his britches and was the first and only to continuously go against Coach's wishes and rules. He's hot and he's got a bright future, but he needs to stay grounded. I couldn't let my love of Michael B. Jordan sway this decision.
  7. Landry Clarke
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    Listen, ya'll. I love Landry. I do. He's really sweet & smart. He's a good friend & maybe too good of a boyfriend. But 2 things are swaying this, 1 which is fair & 1 which isn't. The fair reason for this low ranking is that he killed a guy and while that guy was creepy, it definitely was out of anger and not self defense. And also he didn't tell his dad right away and he's smarter than that. The unfair reason he is this low is that he doesn't do much for me downstairs.
  8. Jason Street
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    I have zero emotional attachment for Jason Street. Yes, I felt bad for him after his career ending injury. I wish him nothing by the best. But he didn't make the best decisions after the injury. He still should have gone to college. He was college material. He should have left Dillon before he did. I appreciate him stepping up and providing for his family, but I'm not that attracted to him and I'm just not emotionally attached.
  9. Buddy Garrity
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    I've gone back and forth in this series about how I feel about Buddy. He's a hard worker and he cares about the lions/panthers but also maybe needs to chill. Also the cheating on his wife and losing the college money thing doesn't help. Plus, I mean, he's no Coach Taylor. But he's a good dad, in his own way. And he cares about the players. In the end, I think I really liked Buddy.
  10. Billy Riggins
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    Honestly, I don't care about Billy Riggins. He shouldn't have let Tim go to jail for him. He would have been in there for ten months and his baby wouldn't have noticed. And he wasn't a very good coach. Yeah, maybe he was a good brother/father figure prior to the whole chop shop thing, but he's selfish and Tim deserves better. I hated that we saw so much of him in later seasons.
  11. J.D. McCoy
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    Yo fuck this kid hardcore. This kid is deserving of a career ending injury. I wish we would have kept up with his whereabouts in season 5 because that would have been his junior or senior year and I thought it was weird he wasn't mentioned or seen. Would have liked to see this pricks dreams burn.
  12. Vince's Dad
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    Fuck this guy. I'm sure he was dealt a bad hand in life, which all of his problems can be blamed on, but he's a shitty father and husband. He seemed to be turning things around but then the whole not taking Coach's advice about college recruitment really bothered me. You've never played football or gone to college. You've been in prison for five years. You don't know shit about this process. I call BS on everyone saying he had Vince's best interests at heart. I think he had selfish motivations.
  13. Joe McCoy
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    I hope Mrs. McCoy cleaned house in the divorce. I hope she got everything and wrung this guy dry and his son never made it in the pros. FUCK THIS GUY. Would have killed to see what happened to him in season five. I'm assuming/hoping the boosters didn't want him after the divorce because he didn't have any money. Would have loved to see that play out.