What are some things one can do alone on weekend nights when they don't want to go to a bar or socialize but aren't in a Netflix or reading mood?
  1. Go out for ice cream
    Current favorite place: Sweet Lucie's on Venice in Mar Vista
  2. The Last Bookstore
    It's open until 11 PM
  3. Venice First Friday
    But only if it's a first Friday
  4. Shakespeare in the park
    At Griffith Thurs - Sun during the summer
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  5. Culver City Steps
    if it's before sunset, take the stairs up and catch the sunset with a pretty scenic view of all of LA. it's about 20-30 minutes of huffing & puffing up the stairs, but worth it for the view, especially on a clear day.
    Suggested by @janetanne
  6. Aroma Cafe
    real vibey and chill, open till 11!
    Suggested by @Dustin
  7. UCB
    honestly super fun shows that are easy to go see solo (or with a couple friends if your mood changes), last show is usually midnight on the weekends.
    Suggested by @Dustin