1. This is gonna be awesome.
  2. This is going to take me no time at all.
  3. There's 21 different kinds? Holy shit.
  4. I guess I'll just get a few for now.
  5. Can't wait to get home and crack open a couple of these jars.
  6. This one sucks.
  7. This one is okay.
  8. This is going to take me forever to do.
  9. I hope no one beats me to this list idea before I can get through all of these jars.
  10. You have to stop eating chips & salsa, Lauren. You're going to a party and there's bound to be more Trader Joe's salsa options there.
  11. How come they didn't buy a variety of Trader Joe's salsas for this party?
  12. I'm never eating chips & salsa again.