1. Makeup/Beauty
    Short of a list of selfies of me wearing lipstick, not sure I'd post anything else.
  2. Selfies
    What if no one likes the list? Then what? I have to delete it but how sad would it be if no one likes my selfie list? The only selfies I'd be posting are me wearing lipstick but a lot could go wrong here.
  3. Movie Recommendations
    I'll do books or TV but I won't do movies. I went to film school. I'm done being judged for what movies I do or don't like.
  4. Music
    Anything music related. I don't know anything about music. My lists would probably be about Taylor Swift's best lipstick looks but that's about it.
  5. Dating/Relationship
    I'm single so no one wants advice from me on anything.
  6. LA restaurants
    I love going out to eat and I've never picked a bad restaurant but Angelenos don't agree with my opinions. For instance, no thanks, Pizzeria Mozza. See!?? I have too many hot takes on the LA food scene.
  7. Pretty much all lists these days
    I peaked early! I've run out of ideas! They're right when they tell you to not peak young.