I LOVE all of these TV shows. But few TV shows have perfect runs (Breaking Bad, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, to name a few personal favorites from start to finish). Here are seasons that I didn't love.
  1. How I Met Your Mother, Season 9
    This show did start having problems in later seasons but Jesus Christ, what was with that final season?
  2. House of Cards, Season 3
    Trash trash trash. What WAS that?
  3. Gilmore Girls, Season 7
    Why? Whyyyyy? WHYYYYY?
  4. Gossip Girl, Season 4
    To be fair I haven't finished this series. But the first 3 seasons are SO good and the fourth season is a snooze fest.
  5. True Detective, Season 2
    Haven't actually watched this but felt confident enough to include it.
  6. The Newsroom, Season 3
    Towards the end this just became a chore.
  7. Lost, Season 5
    Terrible. Slow. Just terrible.
    Suggested by @Samuel
  8. Community Season 4
    no Dan Harmon? no bueno.
    Suggested by @connur
  9. Arrested Development, season 4
    Suggested by @ChrisK