1. Makes you look hella profesh
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  2. The keyboard
    Why did we stray from this?! Fuck this stupid iPhone keyboard. I've had an iPhone for like four years and I still can't efficiently and effectively use the keyboard. There's no way to look away from your phone to text. Remember when we could drive and send a text without looking with one hand? RIP
  3. Perfectly fit in your back pocket
    Shape allowed you to shove it in there without worrying if it could fall out.
  4. All of the necessities, none of the frills.
    You could check fb if you needed to but it wasn't super quick or convenient so there was a good chance you just didn't check it. Twitter, however, was a breeze to use.
  5. Obama still uses a blackberry
    The leader of the free world uses a fucking blackberry WE SHOULD ALL BE USING A FUCKING BLACKBERRY
  6. BBM
    Not so much that I prefer BBM to iMessage but like...remember asking people for their pin?!? So fun. So flirty.
  7. You didn't need a case
    I hate phone cases! Stop making phones that need fucking cases! Make a better phone!