1. January
    When January began, I was in the second half of my Cornell Dietetic Internship. I was cold and lonely, so my family visited often to cheer me up. Here is my older sister, Kelly, and I making the best out of a freezing cold situation.
  2. February
    In the depths of a long-distance relationship with the best guy in the world, I received lots of lovely, thoughtful gifts. Here is me on Valentine's Day getting into my brand new book!
  3. March
    Dietetic internship was still going strong. Here are the interns introducing a new meal cart to the hospital. This month was filled with lots of note writing on patients and projects.
  4. April
    It was STILL COLD. And my pals continued to reach out (thanks Adam!). This is post-ramen noodles so that's why we're so happy.
  5. May
    Kenny graduated Clemson on his 23rd birthday! It was a proud moment and a great month. Two visits to SC and one visit to VA...and I could feel that I was in the final stretch of my internship.
  6. June
    I graduated the Cornell Dietetic Internship!!! Such a wonderful day, and such a relief. That same day, I left upstate NY FOREVER and made my way down to Charlotte, NC for new, warm life with Kenny :)
  7. July
    I turned 23 and got to celebrate with my lifelong best friends in VA. Summer was a ton of fun.
  8. August
    My beautiful niece Harper was born! I also passed the RD exam!
  9. September
    More best friends visit me in NC! This month was also filled with job hunting.
  10. October
    My first fall in North Carolina. More job hunting. And fun outdoor activities with Kenny like going to the mountains.
  11. November
    Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas spirit runs through my veins. November meant that I could decorate for the season. This was before Thanksgiving. I also started my job with Total Nutrition Technology!
  12. December
    We celebrated Christmas in DC! A fantastic month spent with the ones we love.