1. January. Kenny and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary!
  2. February. I traveled to California to visit friends and family!
  3. March. Kenny and I got ENGAGED! Say hello to what the rest of 2016 was about.
  4. April. Spenser came to visit and we all enjoyed a mini Clemson reunion!
  5. May. Colleen and Ben came to visit! Turns out hosting visitors is lots of fun.
  6. June. I sampled vegan wedding cake and it was one of the best days of my life.
  7. July. I turned 24! Here's another pic of me holding something delicious. Champagne+Popsicle.
  8. August. My brand new niece, Audrey, was born!
  9. September. Not a lot happened this month. I did some cat-sitting.
  10. October. I picked my wedding dress with my mom and sisters!
  11. November. Thanksgiving happened! A pic of me with another adorable niece, Harper.
  12. December. CHRISTMAS!