Requested by @Swanson
  1. He tells the truth and is always sincere
    There is not a deceptive bone in his body and I love that
  2. He does the dishes
    He also pretends that he loves washing dishes so I won't feel guilty that I'm not helping
  3. He eats vegan with me
    Although he is not personally vegan, we keep a completely vegan household and he is always happy to eat what I cook for us
  4. He tells me that he loves me at least 10 times a day
    But usually it's more like 20
  5. When I come home late from work, he cooks dinner and plays my favorite music
    And this one time, he put my pjs in the dryer so I could immediately slip into warm pjs when I walked through the door
  6. He is so easygoing about traveling
    Which allows me to extensively plan the details of every place we visit on trips without worrying that he won't have a good time
  7. He listens, very carefully
    Every gift I've received from him has been perfect due to his attentiveness (aquamarine and rose gold engagement ring, copper moscow mule mugs, rewined candle...the list goes on and on)
  8. He is super goofy and loves making inside jokes with me
    Seriously my dream come true
  9. This guy!