1. My family and I are spending a lot of money on a lot of things that I don't really care about
    I still don't understand the point of rehearsal dinners
  2. We could be spending this money on our honeymoon instead
    We could go on an incredible trip and STILL have money left over; instead we may be skipping the honeymoon because of the cost of the wedding
  3. 90% of our guests will pick apart my decisions anyway and compare them to other/better weddings
    Thank goodness my mom is in that 10% and will be happy no matter what
  4. The more weddings I attend, the less special and unique they feel
    'Ok, here comes that group dance we all hate....now let's all pretend we want that bouquet....etc'
  5. There is a big expectation to try to please every single guest
    And I know I probably won't
  6. I know if I don't have the classic wedding experience, I'll regret it one day
  7. Putting effort into deciding whether I prefer dahlias instead of ranunculus feels like a ridiculous waste of time
  8. I know my excitement for the little details of planning will come back eventually, but it's hard when I'm disinterested in the moment