We've all heard it before, pumpkin-flavored everything, wearing plaid, being "cozy", etc, etc, but I have the real list of the best things about autumn. Here we go.
  1. Now that it's not so hot, makeup actually stays on my face and doesn't sweat off 5 minutes after walking outside.
  2. Now that it's not so humid, I can style my hair and have it not turn into a frizzy mess.
  3. Swimsuit season is over! Let's be honest, this is a relief.
  4. Autumn smells good. I don't know if it's the changing leaves or the lack of everyone else's B.O, but it just smells better out there.
  5. Red wine, porters, stouts, hot coffee, and other beverages that can finally be TRULY enjoyed without secretly wishing for a cooler of Gatorade to be dumped over my head.