Ever since moving to Charlotte, I've been comparing it to other cities such as NYC and DC...and Charlotte always loses. Because of this, I end up complaining about it more than enjoying all that it has to offer. So, this is my attempt at changing my attitude.
  1. Tons of breweries
    And there are new ones opening every month! For a beer lover like myself, this never gets old.
  2. Cleanest city ever
    I have never seen such pristine city streets. Say goodbye to overturned trash cans and the faint smell of urine everywhere.
  3. Lots of places to get great coffee
    Smelly Cat Coffee, Amelie's, Not Just Coffee, Dean & Deluca, etc.
  4. Nice skyline
    Sure, it's no Manhattan, but it's still pretty
  5. The weather
    This winter, it snowed once, but otherwise rarely dropped below 30 degrees. Seriously perfect.
  6. Easy to navigate/not intimidating
    When I'm in cities like Boston, I exert a lot of energy into trying to play it cool/act like a local/not ask for directions. In Charlotte, not only does no one care, but 98% of people would be glad to give you directions!
  7. Lots of parking
    Given that the public transportation is still a work in progress, all the parking is a relief!
  8. I'm honestly trying to think of more reasons, but this all I can come up with right now.