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Media "Must Read" Now, This Week — a list of my favorite media platforms and personalities you should read right now, bookmark for later and subscribe for tomorrow.
  1. Lenny Letter
    One for the female thought leaders of tomorrow, today. @lenadunham and @jennikonner cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of important issues (hello closing the wage gap, goodbye sexual assault) that matter to my generation of bad ass women. With guest writers (Jane Fonda! Khloe Kardashian!) to Lenny-fied weekly illustrations to music record and more... you should subscribe today. Even my mom does and she still has an AOL email address.
  2. The Players Tribune
    Have been watching these guys since Jeter retired. One of the most eloquent platforms by athletes for fans that has ever existed. Tidal for sports. New ESPN for decisions (looking at you KD). Clean, deep and heartfelt. "The Chirp" is a must read... as much as waiting to see the Captain walk down the aisle to the gorg Hannah Davis.
  3. VOX
    @ezraklein, Liz Plank and card stacks are my guilty addiction on this modern-day Slate. Proactive, easy to read and amazing infographics. Their sister properties help round out passion points making VOX a player with staying power.
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But aren't randomly chosen at all.
  1. #jaxshepherd
    My dog is my child, and I'm tired of hearing about not knowing about being a mother because I am responsible for keeping this gorgeous being alive.
  2. Ride or die.
    My clique for over 20 years. Don't f with them.
  3. Austin, Texas
    This place saved me from myself and I regularly visit it to say thank you and indulge in the things it saved me from.
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