Every moment I don't die is another bite of chocolate I can eat later.
  1. Jumping jacks are hard.
  2. I'm not doing this right.
  3. I am an idiot.
  4. I just need a minute.
  5. How are they doing that?
  6. I'm dying.
  7. I'm doing it! I think!
  8. I like this One Direction song.
  9. No seriously I'm dying.
  10. I'm never listening to this song again.
  11. I can't move anymore. Go on without me.
  12. Oh we're still doing this? Okay.
  13. Seriously dead.
  14. Oh it's "Downtown!" I love this song and it also means we are almost done.
  15. Im still breathing...I'm aliiiiiiiiiive (both a Sia song we warm down to AND my thoughts exactly at the time)
  16. I'm awesome. Like seriously awesome. They should dedicate all working out to me for voluntarily doing this for a third time. I will eat all the calories to celebrate.
  17. (Next week) I'm not going. I can't. Fine I will go but only because of peer pressure.