1. A lit mag for seniors & 20sthgs
  2. Cinderella + Wide Sargasso Sea to reframe step mom
  3. Trapped princess only freed by stealing body of men
  4. Play about two women structurally like Last Five Years (or maybe Betrayal) with midpoint being car crash or brother's suicide. Actually is same woman.
  5. Interviewing strong women about their moms' lives and influences
  6. Children's books with philosophy aka Buddhism etc.
  7. A collection of essays about anythang/mental illness called Thuperficial Derpalicious
  8. A website that is way better than brain pickings about recommended reading that unlocks suggestions based on sentences responding to a book & based on individuals' personalities and experiences but nomered under things like A Miracle or Bravery...based on my friends.
  9. More children's books w/ queer people!
  10. Adaptive reuse kits for local herb & wildflower gardens on concrete shingle roofs
    Ditto for earth-sheltering tiny homes
  11. A profile of lapd chief nyer style
  12. A visual novel filming a road trip across the U.S. & recording my interior thoughts on my journey this year
  13. A documentary on the cemetery in East LA