1. Listening to Amy Winehouse
  2. Putting on a freshly washed sweater
    Iced or Hot, sorry frapps!
  4. Watching The Breakfast Club
    Best movie ever made!💕
  5. Buying new shoes
  6. Developing my film
    And finally seeing the pictures I took
  7. Eating Chicken Alfredo
  8. Hearing people laugh
  9. Seeing others smile at their phone
    Maybe they got a cute text or saw something funny. I just like seeing others happy
  10. Looking at the clouds
  11. Hearing and watching rain fall
  12. Watching Cinderella
    Makes me believe in fairy tales. Who knows maybe I'll find my own Prince Charming
  13. Opening a new cd
  14. The smell of roses
  15. Getting a new vintage camera
  16. When someone buys me food
  17. Getting Starbucks
  18. When it gets cold
    Which is rare in L.A
  19. Watching Grey's Anatomy
    I miss Cristina Yang!