I love traveling! A goal for 2016 is to be more intentional about travel and also to branch out to new destinations. A few of these are solid plans; some are probable or possible.
  1. San Antonio, TX
    (Jan.) Making this ~ 1 hr drive tomorrow for the Alamobowl. Not super exciting, but I make the rules here, so it counts!
  2. Bend, OR
    (Jan.) Some of my favorite people moved to Bend about a year ago, and this is my first trip to see them in their new home! It will also be my first trip to the PNW. Can't wait!
  3. Birthday trip!
    (Feb.) As yet undetermined location, but I'm hoping for anywhere I can lie on a beach and get some vitamin D. Winter is not my jam.
  4. Denver, CO
    (Spring) Bought a flight to go see my sister in her new home in February, but now she's not moving there till April. Oops! I'll probably still go, just not sure when.
  5. Sedona, AZ
    (May) Possible trip in the works with my childhood best friend! I've wanted to go for awhile... for now trying to temper my excitement in case this falls through.
  6. Galveston, TX
    (Summer) This will be the 3rd annual trip for me to spend a long weekend with my summer camp besties and their multitude of small children. Not fancy, not very relaxing, but pretty much my favorite weekend of the year!
  7. Nova Scotia
    (July) This one is a very long shot, but my dearest friends' band will possibly/probably be playing a music fest in Antigonish. It basically sounds like a magical fairy land, so I wanna go too!
  8. Zion National Park
    (Fall) Possible trip to celebrate stepmom's 60th! Again, I'm trying to keep my cool for now. Highly possible my dad's relative lack of enthusiasm for the outdoors could squash this one.
  9. Marfa/ Ft Davis, TX
    (?) Brainstorming a girls' weekend with a couple of my lifelong people. I've been dying to see west TX (beyond the horror of driving through on I-20), and my girls have the hookup.
  10. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    (?) Having lived most of my life in Texas, I've been to lots of beach destinations in Mexico, but my sister and I want to check out this interior spot asap.
  11. More to come I hope!