Thus far. (chronologically)
  1. Reading
    Y'all get it.
  2. Coloring
    What's not to love? I never grew out of coloring, and since adult coloring is very hip these days I get to feel extra cutting edge as a bonus to the fun. #earlyadopter
  3. Knitting
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    My friend Mallory taught me when we were counselors at summer camp. In east Texas. Sans air conditioning. That's legit fiber arts commitment! I'm a pretty lazy knitter and mostly do blankets that require no math and minimal attention. (I made this soft blanket but not this adorable baby.)
  4. Accordion
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    I took some lessons about 4 years ago and conned my dad into buying me a beautiful, red, sparkly accordion of my own! Then almost immediately I relocated and had no teacher. I hope to pick it back up in '16 though. Sorry in advance to my apartment neighbors!
  5. Sewing
    Despite having owned a machine for a few years, I've only recently gotten into sewing. I took an intro class at an adorable place called Stitch Lab here in Austin over the summer, and I am excited to start the "beginner II" series this week!
  6. Stamp Carving
    I remembered enjoying the lino I did in high school art class, so I took a quickie class as a refresher. Projects can be finished in one sitting (if you want), and supplies are reasonably priced and easily stored. Plus, as a paper and mail lover, the possibility for making my own stationery is very enticing.
  7. Embroidery
    Yet another offering of Stitch Lab. These are my people! Embroidery is more fun and less difficult than I expected. However, I prefer a little more structure when I'm learning something new, hence...
  8. Counted Cross Stitch
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    Yes. This is my jam! Cross stitch requires just the precise amount of attention I want to pay. Projects work up relatively quickly, and the results are pretty impressive given how easy it is.
  9. Crochet
    This is allegedly easier than knitting. So far my fingers have had difficulty learning a new way, but the possibility of granny squares encourages me to persist.
  10. Quilting
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    Next level! I appreciate both the technical challenge of piecing and quilting and the mental challenge of embracing the imperfections.