My weird healthcare job means December is insanely busy, so getting in the holiday spirit can be a challenge. Also, it just so happens that I've been miserably sick for the past day and a half. All that moaning to say that this special delivery could not have come at a better time!
  1. My Santa is in New Jersey! I love all things snail mail/stationery, so just receiving mail from afar is pretty exciting. 💌
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  2. Everything a little more festive! Like Mariah?!? MARIAH CAREY IS FESTIVE AF
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  3. Oh my gosh, would you LOOK at this beautiful paper? My Santa painted that! For me!!! Paper is my jam (see above). Feeling very special!
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  4. And then I read the note and... WOW. I hope Santa doesn't mind that I'm posting it, but I think it's worth sharing!
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  5. I feel so seen. Each year my family asks what I want and/or need for Christmas, and they are never satisfied when I truthfully answer "nothing." The last thing I want in my life is more stuff! An invitation to truly, actively appreciate the happinesses in my life is the PERFECT gift for me!
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  6. "lavender for luck" 🎯
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  7. And an extra to spread the happiness!
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  8. But perhaps best of all, my secret Santa told me a secret! I won't be sharing that here, but you better believe I will be dedicating some serious positive mental energy in the direction of this secret! ✨
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  9. Many thanks to @ChrisK for the vision to "spread happiness all around like confetti in the air" (as my Santa would say).
  10. And thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift of happiness, @Deanndre! Brb... gotta go read all your lists and your blog too. ❣