And why.
  1. They're called Calliope Musicals.
  2. They categorize themselves as "psychedelic party folk."
  3. Their singular purpose is to spread joy.
    Bomb ass dance parties may include audience-blown bubbles, confetti cannons, fireworks, daytime! fireworks (pictured), dancers in Lisa Frank-esque costumes, and more.
  4. The lead singer and the drummer are my people.
    I've known them for lifetimes and conspired to help them fall in love and married them (to each other). They are some of my favorites of all time.
  5. Even if I didn't love them personally, I would still love this band.
    What a relief to not feel obligated to go hear shit music just to support my friends! I mean, I would, but I'm glad I don't have to.
  6. They will break your heart wide open.
    More times than not I end up crying when I see them perform. It is special and magical and pure.
  7. Pretty sure they're about to explode.
    They recorded an album at Sound City Studios last year (yeah... that one), and it comes out in April. But if you check them out now, you'll feel way cool and in the know! NPR knows what's up
  8. They just released a new free EP.