I am a 35 year old, fully-functioning adult who spent 24 hours at home with my parents in between business meetings.
  1. When my dad waited for me outside a restaurant with $20 cash for my Uber.
    I tried to text to say I was all good, thanks, but he doesn't do texting.
  2. When my mom couldn't zoom in on a Google map.
    This was followed by a rant about Apple. I didn't explain the difference.
  3. When my dad handed me the newspaper and I had read all of its articles on Twitter an hour before.
    His disappointment was visible.
  4. When my mom made me leave for the station 40 minutes before my train departed.
    It is a 10 minute drive. But there is "traffic."
  5. When my dad insisted on waking me up at 7:20 am, even though he knew I'd set an alarm for 7:30 am.
    He did not believe it when I cited years of experience successfully waking up at a predetermined time every single workday.