1. Things I thought I would be by the time I was 25 when I was a kid
  2. Things that are different in America than in Venezuela
  3. Things I remember about my grandpa from when he was alive
  4. Unrealistic expectations I put on myself that I never put on anyone else
  5. Things that I've loved through the years that I told people I didn't
  6. Pictures of everyday things with beautiful details
  7. Our favorite restaurants in Louisville and why
  8. Places I've visited
  9. Careers I would love to do but I'm too ADD for
  10. How I'm different today than I was a year ago
  11. Things I was forced to do/learn as a kid that I was told one day I would be grateful for and still aren't
  12. Animals I wish I could be
  13. Emojis I would add if I was an emoji developer
  14. Reasons I love lists