Adulting is hard!!!!
  1. You slowly have less and less friends
    How did I go from not being able to pick one best friend among 7 to not being able to not finding ONE PERSON to hang out with like once a month with other than my husband or family??
  2. You start to worry about the future more and more
    I'm not saving enough for retirement! What if I get cancer? How many kinds of disability plans should I get? Am I too young to freeze my eggs just in case? How much life insurance should I have????
  3. You start to realize how many things you didn't learn that should have in college or high school
    How da HECK do I file a w-2?? How does credit card interest work? How do I make a good budget?
  4. Staying up late? HA
    10pm. Better get in bed!
  5. Waking up SOOO early
    I remember the blessed days when 9AM classes were miserably early. 9 is like almost noon to me now.
  6. The world seems scarier
    Is it just because I'm more aware or is the world a scarier place hen when I was a kid??
  7. You make WAY more money than you did 10 years ago but yet you have WAY less spending money...
    Maybe it just seems that way to me but I was ALWAYS buying stuff. Now I cry when I pass Homegoods because I WANT.