Adding this vocabulary to your repertoire makes speaking Spanglish más divertido.
  1. El hielo
    Pronounced "el yellow," this is the Spanish word for ice.
  2. Los rascacielos
    Más interesante para decir "skyscraper."
  3. La albóndiga
    Meatball - apparently also used to express a catastrophe.
  4. El pimentero
    A cute word that could only describe a cute pepper shaker.
  5. El huachinango
    I'd order "red snapper" just for the chance to say this.
  6. Ballena
  7. Maquillaje
    Lápiz de labios, el rímel, la sombra de ojos: this is makeup!
  8. ¡Qué Lástima!
  9. El pandillero
    Gang member
    Suggested by @KaylaS
  10. My go-to espanol from high school was Caca de Vaca
    Ultimate burn. You're the poop of the cow!
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  11. Enano/enana means a little person and being a tall person, it was the ultimate joke when I worked at a restaurant with a bunch of dudes from Mexico who liked to be mean to each other
    Suggested by @caseycruda
  12. Los chicharrones- the pork rinds
    It's the most fun word to yell in fake seduction.
    Suggested by @ohgraceous
  13. Los zapatos
    Suggested by @kate81
  14. Escalofríos
    Suggested by @SharinaWunders