On Giving Tuesday (December 1) people are encouraged to give, think about giving, and talk about giving to causes that matter to them. Thank you @list for encouraging us to give back! Here are some ideas that make a difference no matter how simple they seem! 🎄 Remember that these can be done anytime, not just on Tuesday!
  1. Adopt a Family for the holidays
    There are so many community organizations that let people purchase gifts and supplies for local people in need!
  2. Pay for someone's coffee/lunch
    This encourages them to pay it forward by doing something kind for someone else!
  3. Make a donation to a cause that is important to you
    It can be anything! I recommend KIVA, a company that makes loans to people in third world countries and really makes a difference for them.
  4. Volunteer to cook for a soup kitchen
    Help provide for the large number of people in need!
  5. Give something to a homeless person
    They are often overlooked and appreciate kindness
  6. Write positive and empowering notes in a public place
    They will have an impact on so many people!
  7. Surprise and do something kind for a stranger
    Then encourage them to pay it forward!
  8. SMILE 😊
    Positivity goes a long way ❤️
  9. Compliment people
    Tell a stranger that you like their shirt or their shoes or just straight up say they look really nice/pretty/etc. Tell your friends and family that they're smart or funny or that they make your life better. It's such an easy and effective way to make someone's day 🤗
    Suggested by @OffTheDott
  10. Clean up a public space - every wrapper and bottle moved from the ground to a trash can helps!
    Suggested by @anowlis