I had so much fun participating in the List App Secret Santa and was so excited when my package came today! Thank you so much Amelia @ameliaville for going above and beyond with such a thoughtful note and gifts! I can't thank enough for being so caring! ❤️
  1. I loved your note so much!
    I can tell you are such an amazing and kind person to write me a list of advice for college and life! I will definitely be reading this a lot in the next few years!
  2. Thank you to your friends too and I'm so glad they were excited!
    I really appreciate it and it was so sweet of you and them!
  3. This advice was fun and so relevant to me now!
    I hope one day I can become as wonderful, talented, hilarious, successful, happy, powerful, intelligent, confident and kind as all of you!
  4. I am definitely going to share the advice with my friends!
  5. I can't wait to write all my memories down!
    And the one-sentence journal makes this easy and perfect!
  6. I loved all of my gifts, they are everything I love!
    I especially love the keychain your daughters made, so cute and tell them I said thank you!
  7. I would also love to stay in contact/be pen pals!
  8. I cannot say it enough… thank you thank you thank you! @ameliaville ❤️❤️
  9. Also thank you @ChrisK for organizing the List App Secret Santa! It helped me to make such a kind new friend 💗 It was such a fun and amazing experience and I can't wait for my receiver to get their gift!