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  1. She'd imagined this moment so many times, but she never expected…
  2. So many birds to fit in such a small dumpster
    Suggested by @ZachWetzel
  3. Once the birds were finally disposed of, she could finally go on with her life. OR SO SHE THOUGHT
    Suggested by @ChrisKennedy
  4. Until one of the birds was already tucked in her bed and saw it when she walked into her bedroom, so then she
    Suggested by @starryghostt
  5. She began to walk away. "Chirp." She stopped. "Chirp." She turned back, toward the dumpster. "Chirp-Chirp." She thought about running. After all, no one had seen her, from her fifth-floor apartment to the dumpster. The sun was only just now rising. "Chirp!" she heard again. Pulling a sleeve over her hand, she slid open the dumpster's side door.
    Suggested by @WSPR
  6. And that's when she saw him, laying on his left side, his coat crumpled around him.
    Suggested by @julieb
  7. A nest was left with one egg inside. The egg had cracked and a baby bird was making its way out of the egg. Upon further examination of the bird, she discovered...
    Suggested by @KaylaS
  8. Curious, she leaned in for a closer look. Just as she thought, "it can't be" the mysterious dumpster dweller jolted upright
    Suggested by @kate81
  9. He had 7 Gold teeth and a lazy eye. He was combing his beard with salad tongs and smelled vaguely of cinnamon.
    Suggested by @ZachWetzel
  10. He looked at her for a pregnant pause before widely smiling and crooking a finger in her direction. "I know you! I remember you from...
    Suggested by @juliaf
    Suggested by @shhxx33