I have a stomach flu and am pretty deep into the Internet. Stumbled upon my favorite movie and am pretty shocked I was ever able to watch this movie.
  1. Kirby the vacuum
    I know he's a core cast member but my god that dude is mean looking, plus he is super grumpy and almost sucks up the picture.
  2. General abandonement
    The overall theme of the movie. Te blanket crying? Rip my heart right out.
  3. This ass hole
    Not only does he die right in front of you, he yells a bunch first. Also, use of the word "invalid" here is super concerning.
  4. Toaster's nightmare about burning down the house and THIS GUY
    The smoke turns into a giant hand and picks up Rob then this dude shows up to kill toaster
  5. Lightning storm, blankly in tree, vacuum sucks up his own cord
  6. Multiple near death experiences only to be saved by this guy
    The snapping of the glove? Yikes.
  7. Appliance parts store/appliance prison scene
    Creepy ass tools on the table, all the existing appliances are god damn terrifying especially the lamp with the bad teeth. Then this.
  8. The HORRIFYING song that follows this scene
    It's a "b" movie- just look up the lyrics "just tell st Pete that you got cold feet"
  9. The new appliances in the new apartment are REAL dicks
    Those creepy smiles & another terrifying song, then they kick them out the window to the dumpster, rude
  10. Magnet/crusher. Holy shit
    All the cars singing about their lives before meeting their demise. Then the magnet becomes vengeful against a human. God damn.
  11. Not suitable for children