Watched the entire first season except one episode, and gave up for these reasons
  1. Garbage writing
    English major here. There's no lazier or more annoying way to reveal something that happened in the past than using monologues, and GOT does it constantly. Start the story where it begins, or, find a more creative way to integrate it into the show.
  2. Archetype characters
    The bratty prince, the evil queen, the wise elder...give me a break. Literally every character on the show was one dimensional, except Ned, which is why I stopped watching when they killed him.
  3. No strong female characters
    I don't want to hear why you think Daenerys is a strong female character. She comes to power through her husband only (who in the book, raped her as a small child. This is problematic.) They also mock women who are not conventionally feminine or attractive. Also, every woman is either royal or a prostitute.
  4. Pseudo historical things are annoying
    When is this supposed to be set? Middle Ages? Because if so the dialogue is unrealistically prim and proper, and I'm tired of fans justifying it because it's "historical." No informal conversations ever happened that way in the course of human history. And, if this is "historical" in nature, it is not by any means true that women were only royal or prostitutes. & btw if it isn't historical, how about creating a world with powerful women? What's the point of a fantasy world so redundantly sexist?
  5. Sexist and racist imagery
    Not enough space to elaborate on this here, but just a brief overview: Palest woman in history taking over a group of men with dark skin? Visual impact of slavery anyone? Also can we talk about the fact that the only POC on the show are portrayed as barbarians? And do we really need to repeatedly view women being raped and attacked by men? What does that do for the storyline? All it does is normalize the images of rape & assault on women's bodies. Not cool @HBO
  6. Boobs & Dragons
    I'm not into either of these things so this show does nothing for me.