1. $4 cold brew iced coffee because it's so much better!
  2. $35 gel manicures because regular ones just don't last!
  3. $14/lb vegan buffalo cauliflower from Erewhon because it's a healthy treat!
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  4. $45 foot/chair massages because I deserve it!
  5. $15 classpass cancellation fees because I just need to sleep!
  6. $3.50 kombucha because my stomach hurts!
  7. $50 sushi tabs because I made plans last week and I can't cancel!
  8. 2 for $4 Core water from 7-11 because it's on sale and the bottle is great!
  9. $15 eyebrow threading because your eyes frame your face!
  10. $39-$99 economy plus upgrades because flying flat out coach is not worth it!