*most people I know
  1. Quinoa
    Kale, juices, gluten free, paleo, you name it, I want it, unless it's quinoa. And don't even try to sell me on the protein
  2. Game of Thrones
    Admittedly have never seen the show, but I just can't buy the dragon factor. There are dragons, right?
  3. Halloween
    I don't want to wear a costume, ever, but especially not when everyone else is. And candy gives me anxiety. Holler at some candy corn though
  4. Snowboarding/Skiing
    Driving a metal box on wheels at 80 mph is enough for me. I don't need to also pay to fall down an ice mountain at accelerated speeds
  5. Games, especially as they pertain to drinking
    Card games, board games, word games, beer pong, flip cup, quarters, corn hole, kings, bowling, darts, pool. Apples to apples and cards against humanity. Sporadic exceptions for foosball
  6. Chinese Food
    Gimme Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Laotian, Korean, etc, etc, etc (yes I've been to China and had "real" Chinese food and yes this still holds true)
  7. Casually watching Television
    Binge sans commercials or bust. Teach me how to "channel surf"
  8. Paris
    Really? ALWAYS a good idea?