When you're listening to a song and you think "did they just say _____'s name?"
  1. Adele in Drake's "The Real Her"
    Andre 3000's verse is so on point with what it's like to be a sulking lady: "well, sitting here sad as hell / listening to Adele, I feel you baby / someone like you, more like someone unlike you"
  2. Duffy in A$AP Rocky's "Fine Whine"
    "Wasted money on syrup and honey, she think she Duffy"
  3. Tom Cruise in Kanye's Clique
    Now I got a crib right next to where TC lives, that's Tom Cruise...
    Suggested by @alys
  4. Taylor Swift in Power
    This predates the assembly of her squad, and Jay Z is just backing up his boy. Now Kanye's sending her rose cubes and she and Hov probably laugh together about how much a money they have. The world of celebrity is small.
    Suggested by @sfh22
  5. Jonas Brothers in On to the Next One
    Jay Z knows a lot about the tween music scene, apparently
    Suggested by @sfh22
  6. Katy Perry in Future's "Fuck Up Some Commas"
    Heard ya ordered up some racks, need to order up some more Audemar, yeah. Eighty on the watch, yeah Katy Perry yeah, servin' Katy Perry yeah
  7. Susan Sarandon in A$AP Rocky's 1 Train
    Suggested by @mallorysk
  8. One Direction in Drake's "Believe Me"
    Doesn't matter, could be winter or the summer /On the road, I do One Direction numbers, I don't fuckin' miss
    Suggested by @alyssapoliti
  9. Sinéad O'Connor in Gucci Mane's "Trap Back"
    Got that bald head, got that skinhead, that white girl Sinéad O'Connor
    Suggested by @anasha
  10. Monica Lewinsky in Beyonce's 'Partition'
    Suggested by @aniko
  11. @john in "IANAHB"
    "Bitches sweatin' me like John Mayer, or warm air" -Lil Waybe
    Suggested by @scotty