I try to branch out from "Best," but ugh... (There was a Forbes article with a million options, but the options just made me more anxious about it.)
  1. All the best,
    Is it too formal? Not formal enough?
  2. Warmly,
    Why do I feel creepy writing this?
  3. Yours,
    This feels so Jane Austen-y. Maybe I could make it work in a romantic context?
  4. Best wishes,
    Too Hallmark?
  5. Cheers,
    Once had a British friend who used it, but do I sound like an idiot trying to pull it off? (Yes.)
  6. Talk soon,
    How soon is soon? Is this pushy?
  7. LYLAS ("love you like a sister")
    JK I've actually fully committed to using this with my friends because it's a 7th grade standby and *~BfF 4eVeR~*